Tuesdays are a good day …. Honest 

So today is Tuesday you may of seen my blog this morning about mornings with five kids . Well Tuesdays pick up is probably the best of the week (apart from Mondays and every other Friday when I’m at work and my friends pick them up haha). On Tuesdays I have a very good friend […]

So today is Tuesday you may of seen my blog this morning about mornings with five kids . Well Tuesdays pick up is probably the best of the week (apart from Mondays and every other Friday when I’m at work and my friends pick them up haha). On Tuesdays I have a very good friend come over she used to be my homestart worker but is an amazing friend. (Homestart btw are amazing and always looking for volunteers to help with families check them out). So she looks after the boy child and the small ginger one while I do school pick up.

So today I have work at 6pm and so put jacket potatoes on before I left for school run so we don’t have to wait to long after getting home and I can eat before work. I then Trot off to school (a whole seven doors away from my house) thinking this is gunna be great I’ve missed the girls so much :).

You’d think coming home would be a joyous time for the children also and they’d be able to relax an unwind from a long busy day. Well you are wrong, very wrong. I meet them one by one at their classrooms the younger blond one first (G) and then the older mousey five year old (R) then the big ginger 8 year old (A) . I greet them with big smiles and they do me. We have deep conversations about their days these normally consist of me “so what was the best bit of your day today” them “ummm dunno”, me “what did you eat for lunch” , them “ummm dunno” …. good chat kids good chat. I talk to the parents in the playground knowing full well most of the time they’re thinking fuck me she looks like shit today but are too nice to say it (Heads up mums in the playground feel free to say it I’m aware and know I look like shit pure exhaustion has driven me to not care)

The walk home as I said above a whole seven doors away is always interesting. While today A was very good this isn’t always the case. 

The G and R pop to see a teacher from last year that they love, interupting even the most important conversations just for a cuddle and to you Mrs cook I’m greatful because this is a part of their daily routine and they love it and you don’t moan when some would. We make our way home and they see their friends and start darting off in all different directions knowing I’m aware other parents are around and I can’t be seen to be stressed or under pressure as I ask politely three , four or five times for them not to run off and eventually resort to “GET BACK HERE NOW OR NO PUDDING” in my best mum tone. They then walk within my sight and both R and G normally end up argueing because the R wouldn’t play with G at play time. To which I gently explain they are aloud to play with their own friends as well as, or instead of each other sometimes. 

Today G got stolen by her friend we walk past his house every day and he is in her class. Me being mum of the year completely forgot she was supposed to go play at his on Saturday and we went to the rugby.  His poor dad has had to listen to him upset since. He was waiting outside his house for her and asked if G could go and play . Of course I let her , yes I’ve missed her but I felt terrible for forgetting…. que R kicking off because she wants to go too and I said no as she sees her friends and her little sister isn’t aloud to go.

Anyway now I’m home with four of the five. Routine is coats , bags away and shoes off and away.. haha as much as this rule is in place it’s rarely followed properly. I currently have their coats away and bags in the hallway and shoes still on.

Now the fun part starts , A asks for her phone (which she has confiscated for a week and was due back today) I give it to her and she’s happy . The B (small ginger one) is still clutching the iPhone I gave to her earlier although the battery died hours ago and she’s not actually been using it. I (the small boy child) is doing that shouty pointy thing meaning is time for the milk makers to come out and R is watching what A is doing on her phone everyone’s happy….. Haha not for long next thing I hear this scream the most high pitched, awful scream like someone’s really hurt themselves . I panick look up and am met with this … (note her shoes still on and not away)

I ask her what’s the matter and how can I help and all I get back is a mumbled screech that no way in the world could I translate . Luckily for me A is a master in screech interpretation and promptly tells me that B won’t share the (dead) iPhone. I take her to the kitchen and try to disract her “would you like to help with dinner” , “how can I make you feel better”, “mummy doesn’t like it when you’re sad” apparently this makes it worse .. see pic below this gentle parenting stuff is fucking hard work man.

Eventually I agree to charge it if they take turns and that seems ok (ish). So it’s on charge and B is watching peppa meanwhile the R continues to cry a dull , annoying little winge until it’s her turn and I tell her she needs to calm down and ask nicely and she can have her turn as she will get a headache if she carries on and then won’t want her turn. She asks nicely, calms down and is now having her turn . Although I’m fully aware when her turn is up the winge will be back 🙄. I did get a grumpy cuddle with her though :). Even if I am still wondering how a tshirt gets that dirty in a day . Thank fuck chris does most of the washing poor sod. 

So yeah everyone’s calm and happy now but my headaches just been made worse by the fire alarm because my oven hasn’t been properly cleaned out in longer than I can remember because finding the time to do that is as rare as finding a fucking bear pregnant with a baby octopus.

Now dinner is ready well I can smell burnt beans (who the fuck manages to burn beans)   and I need to eat and get ready for work.

They’re stories for another day.

I hope you enjoyed my school run as much as I did haha.

Much love

One exhausted mummy

Side note: There will be heart melting blogs  , because my children can be angels sometimes and I do love them very much no matter how much they drive me round the bend some days.

Author: workingbreastfeedingmumof5

I am a working , breastfeeding , mum of five. My days are interesting , stressful and hilarious.

10 thoughts on “Tuesdays are a good day …. Honest ”

  1. Lol you make it sound so bad but they are lovely kids really x though personally think you were bitten by a spider at some point and are in fact imbued with superpowers with five kids a job and breastfeeding and though kids 1 through five have their moments you breeze through as though it’s all normal while us mere mums of 2 look on in amazement and fear that if we did indeed have five children the men on white coats would come and take us away ❤


    1. I do love them all dearly they can be amazing kids. It makes me feel better about my day when I read it back as it’s more hilarious than stressful reading it back. :). Being a parent is the most amazing yet most frustrating thing all at the same time. Im very very lucky. :). Im sure you would cope fine with five :).


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