With school comes NITS 

So a while ago I made a massive Facebook post about nits I figured I would share it with you guys (the nitty gritty company better appreciate this post) With four girls two with very long very thick hair it’s the bane of my life and possibly one of the worst common issues in schools. Yes they are harmless and every one gets them but children shouldn’t in my opinion become infested with them. Below is the post that was put on my personal Facebook and shared over 600 times (good to see people agree with me) 

This right here is a miracle invention .. However some parents are clearly unaware of how it works . It is called a nitty gritty comb and is fabulous it removes life and eggs from hair (although eggs sometimes struggle to get caught in it in very fine hair granted) we have three of these in my house. You can pick them up for under £10 and are much better than the cheap shit ones you get with most head lice solutions. Some schools and children’s centres give them away free. I personally think if I school find a child has head lice they should offer one to the parents, but some stupid ruling now says schools aren’t aloud to talk to individual parents about their child having them (fucking rediculous if you ask me who wouldn’t want to know their child has nits so they can sort the problem). 

I have four girls all with a fair amount of hair , and a baby boy and still am able to use it daily 

It’s simple really , Presuming you brush your children’s hair everyday before and after school .

Now here’s the steps for the people unaware of how simple this amazing contraption is .

You brush the hair as normal (presuming you brush your child’s hair) if you have boys with low maintence hair that’s to short to brush physically examine the hair, it shouldn’t be that hard to go through. 

Then just section it off and run the comb through it .. Any eggs or lice will be caught in it rinse the comb and repeat .. do this until the comb comes away Clear for each section. 

Or when you wash your child’s hair use the comb through the hair while the conditioner is still on again in sections and rinsing everytime .. 

There isn’t any need for expensive and nasty chemicals if caught early 

OMG I hear you say really is it that easy .. 

Yes , yes it bloody well is! And the really shocking thing … If it’s done everyday it is possible to not have head lice invading your poor child’s head or a massive outbreak of them in your child’s lovely hair .. 

Here’s some interesting facts .. If your child has one louse that louse can lay 3-5 eggs a day , they then take 7-10 days to hatch and a further 7-10 days to lay their own eggs .. Not long is it ?! However if you use this miraculous invention daily why would it get to that point ? 

While your not checking your child’s hair and your child is infested by its forever growing hair friend family think about the fact of how they survive . They eat blood granted tiny amounts but these crawling little shits are surviving off your child’s blood .. Now how does that make you feel?! 

When your child goes to school nursery or anywhere else where they may be passed on they then start eating other children’s blood and who’s fault is that not the child’s?!

It’s yours the parent that’s not preventing or trying to prevent this from happening ! 

A few things can be remedied from the simple instruction above on how to use this comb .

Firstly – your child isn’t frustrated by constantly scratching their head.. 

Secondly – They are less likely to be bullied because of bugs in their hair 

Thirdly – They aren’t having blood sucked out of them 

Fourthly – They aren’t passing them on allowing this awfully uncomfortable and crap situation for the child to carry on .. 
Now I’m not saying kids don’t get them I am saying the reason they do is because someone somewhere obviously is either too lazy or unaware of how simple it is to solve this . 

My kids have got them many times from schools nurseries etc, but I do not allow the cycle to carry on through my children , by removing any of these nasty little shits the day they get them .. It really is rather simple…. 

I run this comb through my girls hair most mornings before school and every evening if I’m not around to do it as I’m at work, chris does. 

I also use the nitty gritty prevention spray I’m not gunna lie it fucking stinks but hey if it helps it’s worth it. Below I shall post some useful links to help with treating nits just for those that are unaware of the best methods to do so. 




Oh and just for good measure here is a picture of one of the ugly fuckers I just pulled from my beautiful girls lovely blond hair . 


See you later for my after school blog . 


Side note: This blog is not aimed at anyone in particular it is just something that really fucking irritating 

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