My working weekend


So as you may of read in yesterday’s blog I woke up with the small boy child pulling the covers off of me and pulling my foot to get me up. As cute as it was I was holding back calling Chris so I could dose back off. The mum in me got up and Went downstairs where Chris was with A and B, gave the boy child his breakfast and I snuck off for a poo. Every bit of me was having to fight curling up in one of the girls beds and going back to sleep. I got washed and dressed and changed the boy then sat on the sofa unable to move. My friend turned up to collect me as we are going to the piercing shop. I need my tongue redone as it’s healed over and she a new piercing. 

We get to the shop and I explain I’ve had my bar out for five years and can’t get it back in so he takes a look whacks a pin type thing through it and looks at me like I’ve got two heads. “It’s still pierced go next door get a bar and I’ll fit it for you” only I could be that dosey as to not realise, I was just putting the bar at the wrong angle 🙄😂. So I head next door get a new bar and bump into another friend have a chat for a while and head back where I watch Sally get her piercing and then sit in the chair myself feeling like an absolute twat while the guy shoves a bar back into my tongue. Plus side is it saved me £25 we don’t have. She drops me home and we get the kids ready. 

When we saw my nan last week she was raving about the meat man at the market, so we went to pay him a visit. She was right we got so much meat for £45 it’ll feed all seven of us for a couple of weeks. While there we have a look around and the kids buy some dried fruit to walk around with. I then spot a home made preserve stall and automatically home in on the lemon curd (that shits amazing). I state “oh my god we need this I’ve not had any since I was young” and all I hear is “oh right because you’re old as hell aren’t you” I look up to see a greying, older man and automatically realise this is one of those … mouth engaged before brain moments. I apologise and buy my lemon curd knowing full well I’ve accidently insulted the poor guy (sorry again lemon curd dude). We walk around looking at stuff all of a sudden I see shiney , breakable, stuff directly in front of us . The kind of stuff you can’t have when you’ve got kids, but know would look amazing in the cabinet in the lounge. So I redirect the kids before we have to pay for the entire stands worth of stock. Stupidly didn’t pay attention to where I redirected them to, now we are stood staring at toys to save any arguements or public floor drops we buy B some bubbles on the condition she shares (haha she won’t actually share she will however agree just to get them) , we get a couple things for R for her birthday on Tuesday and we head out, after having to retrieve the boy child from the cupboard he’s gotten stuck in. 

We get the kids in the car using bribery that we will get chippy on the way home. The drive home is long and the entire time we have an over tired boy child screaming, it’s a lovely noise honest! We try everything to soothe him, but nothing works and so jump into; just get the fuck home mode. 

Stopping at the chippy, the boy still screaming, B now crying she wanted to get out with daddy and A singing the wrong words to the radio. Chris is in the chippy forever, all he’s getting so a couple portions of chips when he gets back I bark at him “how the hell does it take that long to get some pissing chips” he then tells me they make to order, they don’t have them ready to serve (what sort of fucking chippy does that). We shan’t be going back there although it’s great they’re fresh it was meant to be quick! 

We get home, B has been fine since daddy got back in the car and the boy child is still screaming so much I’m now thinking the pulsating veins on his head may pop at any point. I pick him out of his car seat and it’s like a switch has just been pressed.. he just stops instantly. I take him up to bed as he’s clearly extremely over tired, feed him and lay with him then this happens … 

This is possibly the cutest thing I’ve seen he sits and feeds his baby. He loves dolls and although has a massive mixture of toys this and another doll are his favourite. We were in smyths one day and he picked one up and wouldn’t let it go, so we got it for him. Every night since she’s taken it to bed with him and slept cuddling it, he also takes it to nursery and for naps. Afte half hour of feeding, patting and trying to convince him to sleep, I give up and we go join Chris and the girls in the garden. 

We ply for an hour before heading in for tea. Chris cooks the steaks we got from the market and some chips (yup that’s right chips for lunch and dinner today) . I’m starving and looking forward to my steak so much. It’s dished up and the kids enjoy it too. The boy child has decided he wants to sit at the table with the girls. So we help him up in the hope he might actually eat something, (haha I don’t know why I thought it would work) he just pushes his bowl around and plays with it as usual . 

It’s a relatively straight forward bedtime the kids are exhausted so B goes down simply and the boy child only has minimal resistance until I go to leave his room when he kicks off, so I lay with him and stealth mum out when he’s asleep. A heads to bed without being asked for the first time like ever! 

Me and Chris chill , by that I mean he falls asleep and I spend my night in admin chat for The Mcparents Page before a very important Skype call with a lovely lady about being in with the chance to be entered into a mums club with a Lovely lady that helps look at the reasons children don’t sleep and how to help them sleep in a gentle way.

 This really interests me as you’ve probably read if you’ve seen my previous blogs. Sleep is a rarity in this house and is very much affecting me , Chris and the kids. The call is great we talk about the kids, their births and what the club involves. I am exstatic because it doesn’t involve the usual crap health visitors, Gp’s and other sleep “experts” suggest such as; crying it out, controlled crying and stopping breastfeeding. I’m not up for stressing my children out no matter how tired I am. I have tried most “gentle” ways to help them sleep and even then they don’t seem that gentle. I’m really hoping I get a chance to be involved in this, firstly because we all need sleep before we all burn out and secondly because it give me something else to blog about and a recommendation point for friends if it works. During the call B wakes up right on que so I go and sort her and she settles really quickly,  I then finish my call. I go back to my admin chat where I eventually fall asleep I’m sure mid sentence (sorry ladies). 

1am and the boy child is awake I head up and feed him I’m so tired and have work at 7.45am so don’t even bother attempting to leave him . 3am B wakes again and so I go to sort her by the time I’m back he’s awake again I latch him and fall asleep, (probably around 4) both boobs out still feeding. 5am I wake to him pulling my top down as it had slid back up while we slept , I feed him and am so tired I go downstairs at 5.45 and wake chris, who takes over with him so I can claim at least an hour before work. It’s the most amazing hour ever I can tell you that. 


I wasn’t going to blog about today because in all honesty it was a pretty simple and straight forward morning. Chris sorted the kids while I got ready for work they then dropped me off for my 12 hour shift. I felt so poorly and tired I had no motivation, but me and the team I was working with had a great day. I got home and that’s when I decided to blog about today. 

I got home and Chris has all five kids bathed and  in bed, me a cider poured, a dinner cooking for me, the house cleaned and washing done . He’s so good to me bless him. So I sit and eat my dinner while sipping my drink and chatting about our days . I feel sadness as he tells me how much fun he the kids and his mum have had. Shopping , then the park , then the garden and a lovely dinner . I feel sad because I’ve missed an amazing day, but at the same time so pleased they’ve all had a lovely day. 

He then tells me I’ve got presents , my first thought is, I’m going to kill him we haven’t got money to be spending buying me presents In all honesty. He tells me to go get them from the kitchen and I feel this over whelming rush of gratitude. We couldn’t afford for the kids to buy me anything for Mother’s Day, which I was fine with and besides they all made my cards themselves mad put a lot of thought and effort into their masterpieces. I find two packages on the side both labelled like this. 

Chris’ mum bless her is amazing. She didn’t realise until we saw her Sunday that we couldn’t afford for the kids to get me anything and so bought the most beautiful gifts for me from them. I’m so surprised and greatful she’s an amazing lady and we are very lucky to have her. (Thankyou so much again Julie I love them ) xx 

I know a lot of people who have “evil mother in laws” I am pretty sure I got the best mother in law out there. 

Chris heads to bed and puts a film on as he’s shattered and I get my breastpump and join him (romantic hey) . By the time I’ve got the breastpump set up and comfy he’s asleep bless him. I express and start writing this. As I’m coming to the end I realise tomorrow the kids start new, longer hours at nursery tomorrow as I go from part time to full time hours next week. This saddens me, 30 hours a week they’ll be in nursery, but at the same time I love my job and the more hours I do , the more I get paid and the more orgtession options open up. So in the long run it’ll be worth it for all of us. 

It’s now 22.30 and so far we’ve only had two wakings one from B and one from G. I’ve got to be up earlier in the morning as the kids have school at 7.45 and B and the boy child won’t be able to do school run in pjs because they’ve nursery at 8am. So I should probably go and try get some sleep while the kids are sleeping. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading . 

Until next time 

Kate 😘

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I am a working , breastfeeding , mum of five. My days are interesting , stressful and hilarious.

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