My review on Sophie’s little prints. 

So I found a little business called Sophie’s little prints. Their pictures pulled me in straight away. 

Now having five kids I’m always looking out for a bargain deal on pictures of the kids for the wall. I like these to be original and unique because let’s face it no body wants something everyone has, but that normally comes at a cost. The name of the business pulled me in to start with as it reminded of one of those little shabby chic shops you find tucked away on a high street. Where you can get little things that are hand made and beautifully so. 

With only 150 odd followers I was jubious but none the less, intrigued. Having a scroll through I found she’s not been running long which explains the small following. While having a browse and reading reviews I realised she was so much more than just little prints, there are all sorts of wonderful things on there from invites and business cards to posters. 

So I bit the bullet and messaged her. Petrified of how much it was going to set me back because the prints she shows on her page look rather pricey. Sophie replied promptly and professionally. Which bought huge bonus points in my eyes as I’m massively inpatient. 

I was shocked to say the least to discover she only charged £6.50 per a4 print and discounted it as I wanted five. Sophie informed me she applies a discount for orders containing more than three items which is great in itself. 

Now those that follow me, may know all my babies were premature and I wanted something to show how much they had grown. Sophie was amazing I went in with a simple idea and left the work to her. I suggested a print with pictures of my children at birth and of them now with their weights, ages and dates of birth, One for each child. Still slightly weary about the fact they’re not costing a lot and the business being relatively new. I decided to give it a go, I mean what’s the worst that can happen at £6.50 a print? I sent the pictures and information and paid for the prints via PayPal. 

I expected to wait a few days before hearing anything, but that evening I got a message saying she was starting my prints! I was shocked it was that quick. Throughout Sophie designing and making my prints she informed me and sent me pictures of her progress. She started with the boy child’s and it had grey hearts on the background it was beautiful and then she started the girls they also had a grey heart background. I asked if they could possibly be pink hearts and she did as I wished and then suggested changing the boy child’s to blue. I didn’t even think of that. 

When we were both happy with the spellings , details, etc she sent me copy’s of the finished prints before she printed. They were amazing so I gave her the go ahead to print. She then sent a copy of A’s one printed and I realised I had sent it with the spelling of her middle name wrong (damn auto correct). Without hesitation, although she had already printed it she re printed with the correct spelling and double checked all the rest before printing them. 

As you can see I have blocked out their dates of birth but that’s for my own reasons, that’s not how the prints came obviously. 

Once printed I got a picture of them complete and assured they would be posted the following morning. They looked so much better on paper than the computer versions I had reviewed. I was so pleased. 

Again I took this with a pinch of salt about the posting. I then recieved an inbox via Facebook with the postage receipt. I was over the moon. They were on their way. 

The next day the postman came with a hard backed envelope stating do not bend on it. I assumed it would be something I had ordered from eBay, Didnt for one minute think my prints would of arrived already. I was wrong they were here and so much more amazing than they looked over Facebook. Firstly they were printed on card and I thought they would be on paper, the colours brighter, the pictures better quality and I couldn’t wait to get them into frames. 

I headed off to her page and thanked Sophie, before running to matalan to purchase some frames. I managed to get the frames for a fiver each so pretty cheap and well worth it. I got home and before I did anything else I popped the pictures in and am amazed truly amazed at the quality and they’re incredible in frames. They really are perfect, everything I asked for and more. I can’t thank Sophie enough for the quick and amazing service she provided at an incredible price. Now all I need to do is get them on the wall. 

As you can see they really are amazing. 

So if you’re looking for something beautiful, original, personal and made to a great standard then check the page out . You can find her at Sophie’s little prints on Facebook. The link is

Many thanks 

Kate 😘 

Side note.. I have blocked out the dates of births myself this is not how the prints came. 

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