STOP!!! Let’s get back to being human. 

When did society get so impersonal. With the introduction of social media platforms, have we forgotten how to be Human? How to ask someone how they are? Express that we feel sorry for them? Express our feelings naturally? 

The emoji lifestyle is what we are living and it’s tearing human nature, emotion and conversation down bit by bit. Don’t get me wrong it’s incredible and a good way to connect and keep up with people, but do we do that? Do we message someone just to say hi, or do we send them a wave on Facebook? Do we tell someone how much we love a photo they’ve posted or do we just give them a heart on insta? 

My nine year old daughter when she is upset with something doesn’t tell me she is upset she runs her fingers from her eyes down her cheeks mimicking a crying emoji (😭). What the fuck is with that?! 

I’m all for technology and seeing advances over the years has been incredible. Now I’m not exactly old but I bet some of the younger generations don’t remember having to sit next to the radio waiting to record their favourite song on a tape that looks like this.. 

hoping that everyone would be quiet so you didn’t end up with your mum shouting “it’s time for dinner” part way through your recording. So seeing us go from that to burning a cd, to downloading onto cd, mp3 and now live streaming and downloads is truly amazing. And the good old Sega megadrive is now a thing of the past. With all of those things though it seems personality, emotion, conversation have all vanished too. 

With so many social media streams, people are making “friends” with strangers putting themselves and their families in danger and let’s face it it’s a very dangerous world. Social media makes it easier for predators to find their next victim. People are forgetting about social gatherings and instead joining groups on social media platforms and making new friends which yes it great and online strangers can turn into best friends, online relationships can turn into long term and marriage worthy relationships. What happened to going to a pub, a club or even the fucking supermarket and meeting people. 

People on online platforms can make their lives seem whatever they want. We are turning into a society of unsociable, unemotional, and unrealistic beings. 

An example.. 

“Look at the weekend that Susan had with her children, she looks like she had such fun” 

Yeah Dorris, but you only saw what she posted on social media. You didn’t see her yelling at those kids every two minutes to make sure they didn’t attempt to do some stupid ass shit that kids do, like jumping off the top of the climbing frame hoping they didn’t break a leg. You didn’t see how exhausted she was when they finally went to sleep, you can’t see her crying right now because she is struggling. Why? Because you just follow her facey posts. When was the last time you met for a coffee? Gave her a call to check in? 

“I’ll give her a message on facey check she is ok” 

*face palm* 

Do you really think a quick facey message to Susan “hey hunz hope you’re ok?” Is going to help susan? 

Social media sites are far from a true reality, you can’t tell someone’s body language, you can’t see the emotion in their eyes, you can’t judge if they’re struggling, you can give them a virtual hug through a gif, but honestly what fucking good is that? 

Social anxiety is increasing but social media addiction is also, coincidental? I think not!!!  

Let’s talk tablets, iPads and similar, the good old vertual babysitter, ideal for if you’ve got to clean up, a drs apt, to just sit and have a poo in peace. (I can’t say I haven’t made use of this incredible portable creation). Many children benefit massively from the education and stimulation of tablets and the apps that you can get. However when chucking a tablet and an ebook at your child Instead of reading them a bedtime story, something is going wrong. The emotional and physical stimuli of a parent laying on a child’s bed and reading them a story is so important for their mental health and well-being. As well as their learning and development. 

We should totally embrace the developing world and all the incredible things that have been bought in, but when you can’t write a bloody cv because you’re reliant on emojis to express your emotions, then maybe is time to cut it down. When you write an email with words like “ur, txt, lol, lmfao, rofl, yolo” and can’t remember how to type using the English language, then you probably need a break. 

When sitting on insta, or snapping strangers becomes a priority over family time, when checking in at hospital is more important than the reason you’re there in the first place, when emojis form every second letter of every typed sentence you write. That’s when shit starts going downhill. 

Take a moment today, put the social media down. Go see a friend, play with your kids, walk, read, write, draw, bake, knit, anything. Just so something that doesn’t involve social media. Take photos and don’t filter fuck them to get more likes. Be natural, be normal, enjoy life, the life you have, because you only get one. Don’t waste it. 

On that note, im off to have fun with the boy child before the girls get home from school. 

Much love 

Kate x 

Author: workingbreastfeedingmumof5

I am a working , breastfeeding , mum of five. My days are interesting , stressful and hilarious.

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